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Hello peepos! My name is Mansor aka Moon(:.
I'm at the age of 17 this year. Studying in ITE College East.
29/11 is my birthday. I wish to have alot of presents on that day if possible. :x
I have a high passion in music,sports and culinary.
I hate spammers, vulgarities and ripper ):
So if you are those, please get off here. :O
Tuesday, September 15, 2009 @ 9:56 PM

So here i am back in action. hehe. updating the blog. Haha.
Well basically today i had my N level paper. CPA some more.
The easiest subject to score but i screw up ))):
Everything went perfectly ok until the graph part. bloody hell !&#$$%%%
HAHA. So i was in the second shift so need to come around 9 lah. Then paper starts at 10, finish at 11.30am. After that we did smth bad lah. haha. we tao pok mohana. haha. Cos today his Birthday. haha. So happy birthday mohana. haha. but at that time i felt angry and sad. Thx to my friends. bloody idiot. dirty toilet then don't want to clean up.Felt sory for the cleaner. haiz. boohoo))):
Soo after that goo home, from 12.30 to 4.30, i slept. haha. then msg Syahida!!!. gerek. hehe klakar ah. haha. while msging her, went to tampiness bazaar. haha. do what ah?? hmmm. buy food lah. haha. to break fast.. After go home. at 7.05 break fast. then rest after that go prayer. haha. So here i am now. haha
Yesterday break my fast at geylang with family. haha. yesterday was good lah. Not many people at geylang.haha. after break fast, went to the bazaar to buy ICE-CREAM. yum2. haha. Love the ice-cream. so chewy. hehe.
Well that's all i can say for now. hah.
Well gtg now. will update soon.
See ya!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009 @ 1:27 PM

Hey, just a shosrt post will eh?? haha. cos i'm going out. haha
Well basically slept at 5 yesterday. sahur + teman kan syahida sampai tido. Lambat sehh dia tido. at last, i sleep first. haha. at least i get what i wanted tapi tk sincere. haha. Soo tadi pagi nya tak count.. haha.. Soo woke up at 12pm.. on the lappie, bath and here i am now, a while jee. haha. Later i edit this post when i come back from my trip.. heheh
buh bye...

Saturday, September 12, 2009 @ 10:33 PM

Hey2, well I'm back from my holiday. I will update this blog if somebody that is baik... haha. will update her blog. haha.. Well basically she did update her blog. So happy for her. hahaha.
Well basically, My N level have started that is on Monday...
First paper was MT, and is 30 mins only. supposingly paper was easy but i make it hard cos i was having a stomachache on that day.... haha. cannot concentrate. haha. nasib baik leh tahan..
After that at 2pm, English listening. Boring sehh. dengar sympatny nya lagu lagi. Boring Gila. wthh!! hahaha... then finish at 3.30pm agak nya lah, then pegi tampiness. haha. I think kan, ada org jealous ahh. hahaha. K neh mind. haha.

On Tuesday, gt one paper only. haha. That is Malay listening. well did ok i guess. haha. jgn ckp pasal melayu. haha. hancur nk mampos. haha
Wednesday gt 2 paper, English Paper 1 and 2, paper 1 was ok and paper 2 was easy... i think. haha. aiming distinction for my English. haha. doa2 kan ah.
Thursday nth to do soo stay at home. haha
Friday, went to break fast with zakir,hisham, haidah,eeka and nut. haha. well had a enjoyable outing i guess. haha. eventhough tk ckp sgt. haha. sowiee. haha

To Syahida Faiqah:
Well for the past 1 weeks, my life have not been boring. pasal ada org teman kan. haha. by msg jee. Well dia baik, cute, klakar, suka bt lawak. haha. Thx ahh. i really tk tau cam mana you leh tahan i ah. haha.Love you.. Another thing is that, i've been loving you for a long time and my feelings towards you is more then 100%. can't you sense it? don't you have any feelings towards me? ))):
Well syahida, You still owe me ah. haha. I want it to be sincere one. haha. Bluek ...

Well that's all for the week. haha. Buh bye. will update soon.. hahha
nitez people.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 @ 7:45 PM

Hey2, long time i never update. i update bcos she ask me to update. haha. K last week very same thing. and yah i know fasting have started once again. haha. and guess wat this year i dun feel that i'm fasting. Oh yes N-level is 6 more days and i feel scared. not sure why. but all my friends tell me that N level is nth. Wth. haha. Exam is coming and i still play alot. haha. Well first and for most. I want to say 'HAPPY TEACHERS DAY' to those who inspired to be a teacher one day. haha.k lame. Well on Monday was teacher's day celebration. school release per normal and... during the performance smth happen. haha. i also gt perform since last year mahh. haha. Iwas in the kompang performance. haha. blah2 finish performance want back to room and Pictures time. haha. After that go home. haha. After that meet my ngaji friends at busstop then take 43 go geylang. haha. apa lagi Buka kt geylang lah. haha. First we went to haig road to finf a seat and bagos. ada seat. haha. after that break fast, mkn2. Then walk2 around the bazaar. . Home by 10.30. Online and 11.30 lights out. haha.
Today woke up at 11, then meet amie at 11.35am. help him to paint his room. that's all lohh for today. Won't be updating that much unless gt somebody who will do for mee. haha. You know lah N-level mahh. soo can't use com that much. soo that's all for tdy. will edit this post if necessary. haha. That's all

Bye bye bye.

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